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  • Make sure you or your skater is on time to practice and events. Being on time helps coaching flow and prevents skaters from missing information.

  • Skaters, except for the very youngest are expected to dress themselves for ice time. A good way to achieve this is to practice at home until your skater is comfortable enough to perform this task on their own. This enables a large amount of parents to assist with crash pad placement in order to get skaters the maximum amount of ice time.

  • The coach tailors practice routines to the specific skaters attending. Therefore it is necessary that skaters RSVP via the SportsEngine app for each practice session.


  • Although we certainly wish this were the case with everyone, every skater will not be an elite Olympic level athlete, same as any other sport. Our skaters are kids first, fun and learning are paramount. Skill and ability will develop over time and we ask parents to be patient and encouraging. Skaters will progress season after season with dedication and hard work.

  • Skaters are expected to exhibit good behavior and attitudes towards teammates at all times.

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