United Capital Blades

The DC Metro Area Speedskating Club

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The mission of United Capital Blades (UCB) is to grow the sport of short track speedskating in the National Capital Region by supporting and challenging skaters to strive for excellence and attain their personal goals in an atmosphere of fun and friendship. UCB strives to develop lifelong leadership and sportsmanship skills through professional coaching, travel and competition. Our diverse, inclusive speedskating club invites skaters of all levels, from Juniors to Masters, to enjoy our sport recreationally and/or competitively.

About Us

United Capital Blades was founded in 2013 under former Korean Olympian Hyun-Jung Lee. Now led by retired US speedskater Chris Callis, UCB looks to sustain a stable, consistent core of skaters with all the skills needed to take them as far as they're willing to go.


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