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United Capital Blades Speedskating Club season sponsor


United Capital Blades initially provides new members with loaner skates to get them started.  Speedskates should fit the skaters' feet precisely and the club has a limited size supply. For this reason and the ability to provide incoming skaters with a wider variety of sizes we ask that after your trial period ends, you look into purchasing your own size specific pair. Detailed sizing information and entry level packages are available at Xact Skate Shop, our official team supplier, for the most range and availability. Note that prices featured on the site are CAD and will convert to USD after payment. Please consult with a club member about your potential purchase before ordering for an in-depth consultation. In addition, confirm with Marc Pelletier that your selected items are in stock via email Ask a club member about our team promo code.

Protective Gear

Skaters are required to bring and wear a helmet and gloves on the ice at all times. Bike, inline, hockey (minus faceguard) and speedskate are all acceptable helmet types. Cut resistant gloves, eye protection and neck guards are recommended but not required for practice although they are required for races. Cut resistant base layer suits are not required for practice, nor races but are recommended for races. These items can also be found at Xact.


Skaters who have recently purchased skates and other gear will not be asked to additionally purchase a sharpening jig and stones right away. We realize these costs add up quickly and are more than happy to provide sharpening services until you are comfortable and familiar enough to tackle this task on your own. Skate bags, soft skate guards for immediately after ice and hard skate guards for storage and ice prep are recommended.

Skin suits


(Coming soon)

United Capital Blades Speedskating Club suit
United Capital Blades Speedskating Club suit
United Capital Blades Speedskating Club suit measuring chart
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